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Mukhia Organic Manure V/s Other Manure

Mukhia Organic Manure is one of the best additions for your garden or farm.
It improves soil and fertilizes your plants by helping them to absorb water, oxygen and other nutrients, which are essential for their health. Other benefits of manure are that it’s inexpensive, readily available and easy to mix into your garden soil.

Mukhia Organic Manure is both a fertilizer and a soil amendment (material added to improve soil).
Mukhia Organic Manure slowly releases nutrients into the soil that plants can easily absorb.

Mukhia Organic Manure is a valuable source of nutrients for grassland and crops. The direct application of raw manure to agricultural fields has been recognized as one of potential contamination sources of our food supply, particularly fresh produce, at the preharvest stage.

When was First time manure used?

Europe’s first farmers used livestock manure on their crops 8,000 years ago.

Why Mukhia Organic Manure?

Before manure can be used to fertilize plants, our Mukhia Organic Manure go through an aging process called composting as a traditional method.  In this process, our fresh manure sits for 3 to 12 months. As the manure ages. As the manure sit for months, the manure gets dry and it is easy to use and deliver to our customers. The manure is dry and granular in form.

The Mukhi Organic manure is chemical and pesticide free, as we don’t add any pesticides or chemical on our organic farm/grasslands, which we feed to our Mukhia Cows. Our healthy cows eat organic certified grass that results to chemical and pesticide free manure.

As Mukhia Organic Manure is traditionally compost and dry which benefits to that it loses its odor. Cow manure is the most popular source of manure for plants because it doesn’t contain high amounts of nitrogen and is less likely to burn plants.

Our Mukhia Organic Manure is the mixture of certified A2 Cow dung and Gau Amrut. Mukhia Organic Manure contains nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and micronutrients, which are important for plant health. Nitrogen is the most important nutrient that plants need and is responsible for rapid plant growth and the green color of plants.

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