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Our Dairy Training Program participants get the opportunity to be involved in most aspects of the operation including milking, feeding, cleaning, record keeping, artificial insemination, harvesting, treatment of sick animals, and waste disposal/sanitation. Our professional and experienced director has gathered knowledge and training from countries like USA, Canada, Netherlands, Australia, and Denmark. This program is designed by experienced engineers and doctors in our team. Dairy Training Program participants may be involved with the hosts’ breeding and nutrition program as well.

Cow Breeding

Veterinary Science

Artificial Insemination

Feed Education

Calf Rearing

Technological Implementation

Experience Instructors

Theory and Practical

Our veterinarian doctor has commercial dairy farming experience and he teaches regarding cow breeds, cow behavior health, and life cycle of cows. Alongside the doctor, our electrical engineer with 25-years experience gives training on dairy technology, innovative ideas, and emerging technology that can help advance your dairy farming business. We also have a professional trainer for feed, herd management, infrastructure, and automation.

Information Module

Engaging classroom-style education covering different aspects of dairy farming and the industry at large

Livestock Module

Self-participating field training regarding animal breeding, behavior, and health with a veterinary doctor

Technology Module

Insightful hands-on dairy and farm equipment and technology training and its importance in today’s dairy farm

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