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Mukhi Dairy Farm
New Year Health Resolution

New Year Health Resolution

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Desi Ghee

Authentic & Pure

Desi Ghee

Made from cow milk untouched by
human hands that comes directly
from a state-of-the-art advanced &
hygienic Mukhi Dairy Farm.

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Organic & Rich Honey

Organic & Rich


A perfect blend of purity & trust. It carries a
distinct taste, colour, flavor and thickness that
can only be experienced by indulging in Mukhia Honey.

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Crispy & Tasty Khakhra

Crispy & Tasty


An enjoyable evening or morning
Indian snack made from whole wheat
flour & natural spices.

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Delicious & Healthy Peanut Butter

Delicious & Healthy

Peanut Butter

For endless possibilities to your peanut craving.
Made with high-quality graded & dry-roasted peanuts
to bring out the best flavour and aroma.

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