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Mukhi Dairy Farm

Mukhia Organic

A2 Cow Ghee

The Mark Of Health & Purity

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Curd Culture Bilona

Amrutam A2 Ghee

Pure Ghee Made From A2 Gir Cow & Buffalo Milk!

A2 Desi Cow Ghee A2 Buffalo Ghee

Chef First Choice

Brijmohan Ghee!

Made from Pure Cow & Buffalo Milk

Cow Desi Ghee Buffalo A2 Ghee

Organic & Rich


A perfect blend of purity & trust. It carries a
distinct taste, colour, flavor and thickness that
can only be experienced by indulging in Mukhia Honey.

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Learn Tricks of Trade

Dairy Farming Training

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Dairy Farming Business Training,
Training For Cow Breed Selection,
Animal Health Management Training,
Gir Cow Farming Training

Dairy Farm Training
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