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Consumers seeking products for individual use can order directly from our website. If ordering online, simply add items to your cart and complete the checkout process. Upon the order confirmation, an account will be automatically created for you.
Currently, we do not process international orders directly due to high international shipping cost. We can only ship to India.
Orders are processed and shipped as soon as possible. Please contact us immediately after placing your order for any cancellations or modifications. If we can catch your order before it is shipped, we may be able to change or cancel it.
A shipment confirmation email containing tracking information will be sent to you when your order ships. Once you receive your tracking number, you can track your shipment online. If you need assistance, our customer care team will be happy to assist you with tracking your order.
If you received a tracking number and have not received your order after five to seven business days, or if you have questions about your order, please contact our Customer Service at info@mukhidairyfarm.com
Mukhi Dairy Farm has strong supplier relationships around the globe. If you are a supplier (or distributor) looking to partner with our company, please email us at director@mukhidairyfarm.com


Most orders ship the same day they are placed. You should receive your order within three to five business days from the date your order is processed (in the India).
Extra shipping costs will be incurred to rush an order but we will try to accommodate your request.
We offer all India free shipping. Rates are dynamically calculated by weight & distance for International. Most In India orders will ship by Shiprocate & its free of charge. International parcels will ship by DHL. Consumer retail orders offering free shipping for in INDIA.


If you are not satisfied with your purchase, Mukhi Dairy offers a 100% satisfaction promise with a replacement. If you have any questions or concerns about the product or your order, please let us know at webstore@mukhidairyfarm.com. We will work with you until you’re happy! If the product has not been opened or used, you can receive a full refund (less shipping charges).
It is our policy is to replace any damaged packages. If you receive a package with a product that has been damaged during shipping, please contact us & send pictures of the package's condition at webstore@mukhidairyfarm.com within one or two weeks of the package's receipt to receive a refund for your order.

Quality & Certification

The Government of India has implemented the National Programme for Organic Production (NPOP). It is an accreditation process for all Organic Producers in India. The certified organic products are grown and processed without the use of synthetic pesticides, herbicides and fertilizers. They may not contain any genetically modified organisms (GMOs). Growers also use materials and practices that enhance the ecological balance of natural systems. In short, good for the Earth and better for your body. If organic certification is achieved in USA then it's call USDA Organic Certified. Mukhi Dairy Farm has gone through this accreditation process and has obtained the NPOP certificate for the following two categories:
  • Live Stock Individual operator
    • Organic livestock products shall be from livestock raised according to this standard.
    • Livestock stocking rates shall correspond to local agri-climatic conditions and take into consideration feed production capacity, stock heaalth, nutrient balance and environmental impact.
    • Livestock management shall aim to utilize natural breeding methods, minimize stress, prevent disease, progressively eliminate the use of chemical allopathic veterinary drugs, including antibiotics, and maintain animal health and welfare.For these Mukhi Dairy farm have 24/7. Health monitoring and untouched milking system too. Herbal grass-fed, grazing and all in one owen manufacturing feed with imported natural nutrition.filter water with temperature control shade with free garden area for cows and calves.
  • Crop Individual Operator
    • Livestock can make an important contribution to an organic agricultural system by
      • improving and maintaining the fertility of the soil;
      • managing the flora through grazing; and
      • enhancing biodiversity and facilitating complementary interactions on the operation.
A superfood is a food that is especially nutrient-dense and is highly beneficial for health and wellbeing. There are many foods that have earned the title of “superfood” and Mukhi Dairy Farm products combine some of the world’s most potent superfoods to make it easier than ever to achieve optimal nutrition and health.


Refrigeration is not required for most of our products. We recommend that you store our products in a cool, dark, dry place.
Most of our products have a 12-24 month shelf life (depends on the product). The ‘Best By’ stamp on the back of the bag can be read: Month/Day/Year.
Our products are dried or freeze-dried but the potency and flavor decreases over time so we don’t recommend using past their expiration date.


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