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Experience the perfect blend of spices with Mukhia Black Pepper Papad! Expiry Date: Best before 6 Months from Date of manufacturing. Wholesome Ingredients: Mukhia Papad...

Buy Hand Made Papad Online in India

Are you Looking to Hand Made Papad Online in India? Mukhi Dairy Farm is Organic Certified Farm. Here You can shop from a wide range of Hand Made Papad Mung Dal - Urad Crispy Papad | Special Home Made Medium Spicy Flavour Papad | Fresh Papad with Moong Dal & Urda Flour with Free Shipping.

Every Indian meal is incomplete without papad. Savor the tangy taste whether you eat papad before your meal or during the meal. Our papad is authentically Gujarati. It is suitable for those who use low-mild spicy as it has a lower quantity of black peppercorns. Mukhia Papad is handmade thin, crisp, disc-shaped food that is staple to any Indian dish. Our papad is made from seasoned dough of urad moger flour and mung moger flour, and usually cooked with dry heat by flipping it over an open flame, frying, or in a microwave.

Health benefits of eating Mukhia Papad:

They are rich source of dietary fiber, gluten free, vitamin B6, apart from loads of high-quality vegetable protein accompaniment or snack. Papads Can be enjoyed by any age group at any time of the day. Papad are favorite an appetizer for a healthy and complete meal.

Mukhia Papad enhance the secretion of digestive enzymes and juices which are essential for metabolism and hence act as a digestive & manage immune system.

Mukhia Papad helps prevent diabatic, blood circulation and manage weight loss.
  1. Prevent diabatic:It helps bring down the insulin, blood glucose and fat levels in the body. This helps keep blood sugar levels under control.
  2. Blood circulation: Iron helps to produce of red blood cells. This, in turn, prevents anemias and improves the overall blood circulation in the body.
  3. Weight loss:Papad helps enhance the functioning of the cholecystokinin hormone. This hormone increases the sensation of short-term fullness, so, appetite during a meal is reduced.

  • Papad


    Mukhia Papad is made of mung-urad flour with a single Mari (black peppercorn flavor), this will offer a great taste that is authentically Gujrati. The most incredible Papad that can be consumed with your meal or can be consumed as a snack.
  • Papad


    Mukhia Papad can be roasted, microwaved or fried, an easy to go snack that will make your meals complete. The Papad is handmade with all the natural ingredients. It also contains dietary fiber 76%, and protein 52%.
  • Khakra


    The crunchy taste of Mukhia Papad offers to complete your traditional Indian meal with this delicious Papad, which can be served as a starter, an appetizer or a snack.

Frequently Asked Question

Yes, masala papad can be made from this papad.
4 months from the date of packaging

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