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Mukhia Amrutam A2 Buffalo Desi Bilona Ghee 250 ml - Mukhi Dairy Farm Mukhia Amrutam A2 Buffalo Desi Bilona Ghee 250 ml - Mukhi Dairy Farm
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Discover the Rich Taste and Health Benefits of Mukhia Amrutam A2 Buffalo Desi Bilona Ghee Expiry Date: Best before 9 Months from Date of manufacturing....
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Expiry Date: Best before 9 Months from Date of manufacturing. Colour: White colour ghee For Fresh granular and aroma. Always get the ghee out from the...

Buy Amrutam A2 Buffalo Desi Ghee Online in India

Are you looking to Buy Amrutam A2 Buffalo Desi Ghee Online in India? Mukhi Dairy is a leading organic certified farm in India. Here You can shop from a wide range of 100% Pure Desi Amrutam A2 Buffalo Milk Ghee at Mukhi Dairy Farm with Free Shipping Available for all of India.

Ghee is considered as essential and sacred in rituals that involve fire/agni/havan/home in festive rituals. India’s rich culture of religious, ethinics, cultural community that diversed their rituals. Ghee is widely used in Indian cuisine as a staple food in household. Mostly consumed region for ghee in India is Northern region of India. The Ayurvedic Acharya named ‘Chanaka’ states that “Ghee is finest of all fats and has around 1000 potentialities. If used appropriately as recommended it exerts 1000 types of action.”

We have heard more about cow ghee let’s read about buffalo ghee.

Amrutam A2 Buffalo Ghee:

  • 100% Desi indigenous breed ( Murrah & Mahesaani buffalo) A2 milk
  • All-natural, grass-fed A2 Desi Ghee is made from the indigenous buffalo milk of grass-fed, pasture-grazing happy, healthy buffalo.
  • Our buffalo are raised on pesticide-free and herbicide-free pasture.
  • A2 milk is provided by buffalo farmers locally to our area and A2 milk is processed to make ghee at our state-of-the-art facility.
  • We ensure optimum and health of buffalo and ensure compliance by frequent external farm visits to monitor animal care.

Difference between Buffalo Ghee and Cow Ghee:

Buffalo ghee is rich in magnesium, potassium and prosperous, high in energy. Cow ghee is rich in Vitamins, minerals, and calcium.

Buffalo ghee can be preserved for longer time because of it higher fat content as compare with cow ghee. Buffalo ghee is specially found in India & Pakistan. Cow ghee is found all over the world.

Cow ghee is low in fat and small & soft granular.

Buffalo ghee is high in fat and big granular.

What is the color of buffalo ghee?

Buffalo ghee is white in color whereas cow ghee is yellow in color.

Benefits of Buffalo Ghee:

1.Gaining Weight:

Buffalo A2 ghee has a higher amount of fat as compare with the cow ghee. Buffalo A2 ghee helps the person to gain weight who is struggling for weight gain. But consume Buffalo A2 ghee in moderation. As anything excessive is bad for health.

2.Doesn’t affect people with dairy intolerance:

For some people lactose and dairy is intolerance for their health. That prevents them to consume dairy items. As for preparing ghee, S.P. milk is removed and makhan (butter) is been boiled. So. ghee is free from milk solid that is the ingredients which harms some people with intolerance of with dairy products. Yes, it is scientifically proven that casein & whey protein gets free while making geeh so this won’t harm to dairy intolerance.

3.Healthy Alternative for oil:

Have you ever wonder that you can have a alternative of oil as something more healthier than oil? Yes, ghee is the healthy alternative to oil. As, ghee contains medium chain fatty acid.

Replace oil with ghee such as:
  • Cook a meal in a pure buffalo ghee.
  • Add pure desi buffalo ghee in a cup of coffee to have a creamy texture.
  • Grill chicken with pure desi buffalo ghee
  • Sautee spinach and vegetables in pure desi buffalo ghee.
  • Pure desi buffalo ghee with warm water in the empty stomach.
  • Pure desi buffalo ghee for seasoning a salad.
  • Spread pure desi buffalo ghee on your morning toast.
  • Substitute milk cream in tea and coffee with pure desi buffalo ghee.
4.Relieve Gastritis:

According to the ancient Ayurveda buffalo ghee can help to cure gastritis and other ulcers. As and when you have an ulcer or a burning sensation in your stomach. You can try out buffalo ghee to cure.

5.Other Benefits:
  • Induces Natural Sleep better
  • Strengthen immunity
  • Stomach ulcers
  • Other digestive issues
  • Healing the bruises
  • Moisturizing Agent
  • Decrease Swelling
  • Reduce inflammation of skin

Which is better cow ghee or buffalo ghee?

We can’t conclude, as both the cow ghee and buffalo ghee has different advantages. Cow ghee is well known for weight loss, Combat cancer, cardiovascular disease and bone health. Cow ghee is powerhouse of nutrition such as Vitamin A, D & E. Buffalo ghee is known for gaining weight, Physical activities like sportsmen and heart ailment. Buffalo ghee is powerhouse of minerals like magnesium, Phosphorus and potassium.

It is important to integrate for what you are consuming a ghee, integrate with the better option and add ghee to your diet in this world full of junk food and unhealthy diet.

Amrutam A2 Buffalo Ghee Purity Test Report:

Amrutam A2 Buffalo Ghee completely comples with FSSAI (Food Safety and Standards Authority of India) for testing ghee and is 100% pure and unadultered ghee. Amrutam A2 Buffalo Ghee is complying with parameter (listed below) mandated by FSSAI for testing ghee. All this parameters ensures that Amrutam A2 Buffalo Ghee is 100% pure and unadultered.No colour and preservatives in that.

Following are the list of test mandated by FSSAI, which Brijmohan Buffalo A2 Ghee has cleared.
  • B.R. reading at 40 Deg C (40.0-43.5)
  • Reichert Meissel Value (Min. 24)
  • FFA as Oleic acid % (Max 3.0)
  • Moisture % (Max 0.5)
  • Baudouins Test (Negative)
  • Added Colouring Matter (Absent)
  • Salmonella/25gm (Absent)
  • Coliform cfu/gm (Absent)
  • E.coli /gm (Absent)
  • Yeast & Mould Count cfu/gm (Absent)
  • Polenske Value (1.0-2.0)
  • Live/Dead Insects (Absent)

Frequently Asked Question

No, there is no A2 process. There is only Bilona method and commercial/ processing method to make ghee. And A2 is type of milk. Milk contains two major groups of protein- 1. Caseins and 2. Whey protein. A2 milk contains the A2 type of Beta-casein protein. A1 milk contains the A1 type of Beta-casein protein. Indian native cow breed which is also known as ‘Desi breed’ are a source of A2 milk type. So, there is no A2 process. A2 is only type of milk and ghee made from A2 milk is A2 ghee.
The color of buffalo ghee is white or light creamy yellowish, smooth in texture, and has more shelf life because of its higher fat content. It is a great source for high energy, calcium & other minerals.
We sell the assured quality. We do check regular test to insure the quality. Due to climate/temperature it may affect the consistency solid-liquid or liquid-to-solid without any change in taste.
Thank you for writing us. We are glad you liked our product. Yes, the strainer we use is a stainless steel strainer.

More Questions?

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