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Mukhia All Purpose Cow Manure for Tulsi | 100% Natural & Organic | Compost Plant Nutrient Mukhia All Purpose Cow Dung Manure | 100% Natural & Organic | Compost Plant Nutrient
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All Natural:  Mukhia Manure is cow’s dung and gau mutra mixture. Mukhia Manure is both a fertilizer and a soil amendment (material added to improve...

Mukhia Organic Cow Dung Manure fertilizer I All Purpose Cow Dung Manure for Tulsi Plant |100% Certified Natural & Organic | Composted Plant Nutrient I All in One Formulated Mixture of A2 Cow Dung and Gau Mutra. (GAU AMRUT) for Fertilizing your Soil.

In 2018, India was home to the highest number of milk cows in the world. Cow is used for the production of milk & dung for fuel and agricultural fertilizer.

Mukhia Organic A2 Cow Dung manure comes from Mukhia Organic certified dairy A2 cows. It is 100% natural mixture of A2 cow-dungs and gau-mutra (GAU-AMRUT). Composed traditionally, Mukhia manure comes in dry granular form without odor & weed seed which makes it easier to use. Mukhia A2 cow dung manure is available online and PAN India free home delivery is provided by Mukhi Dairy Farm

Ready to use for planting purpose, farming, growing flower beds, vegetable gardens, lawn repair, general gardening, organic farms and practically anywhere you need to enrich your soil.

How Cow Dung Manure enriches your soil?

Mukhia Cow Dung Manure is composted, the traditional way, for 3 to 12 months. This process helps eliminate harmful ammonia gas, pathogen and weed seed from manure. Composted cow manure fertilizer has huge amount of organic matter like micronutrients for soil. When you mix this composted Mukhia Manure in the soil it improves the soil moisture holding capacity. Other benefits of Mukhia manure includes enriching your soil for increased micronutrients, improving soil texture, increasing earthworm habitation, boosting plants’ color, improving plant immunity, reducing diseases germs & insects. Mukhia manure is food for plants in the form of nutrients.

NPK Nutrition:

Mukhia Manure is works as a Fertilizer & Soil Amendment (material added to improve soil). Manure slowly releases nutrients into the soil that plants can easily absorb. Manure contains Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Potassium (NPK), which are important for plant health. Nitrogen is the most important nutrient that plants need & is responsible for rapid plant growth & the green color of plants while also improving soil texture.


Micronutrients in Mukhia manure are easily absorbed by the roots of plants and encourage roots to grow. Increased micro-organisms help plants to become more disease resistant and repel the insects.

Chemical Free without Pesticides Safe:

Our cows are raised organically, so the manure produced from their excrement is advantageous and free from any harmful chemicals that damage your garden or farm in the long term. It is completely safe for your children and pets to play around these plants in your garden.

Instructions for using Mukhia Cow Dung Manure such as quantity required for pots, plot, vegetable bed, garden soil or farmland are given below.

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