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Covid 19 Statement:

During this challenging time, our focus is on supporting our customers, our employees and the local communities in which we operate. We have successfully worked to avoid disruptions caused by COVID-19 coronavirus, while at the same time acting responsibly to do what we can do to prevent the further spread of the virus. We will continue to closely monitor and assess the evolving situation and will be diligent about communicating on important issues.

The face-to-face training is kept on hold. Due to the nature of our service, as well as delivering complex training via face-to-face, we expect to experience a minimal change in delivering our service.

We would like to thank our partners, employees and clients who continuously supported us in this challenging time. We experienced a minimal change in delivering our service.

The current state of mind about Covid-19: The unprecedented nature of COVID-19 and the challenges that have arisen with it, have accelerated the focus on overall wellbeing as people become more aware of the importance to stay physically and mentally healthy in order to cope with the heightened levels of stress and anxiety.

Dairy: An essential source of nutrients Milk phospholipids, found naturally in the milkfat globule membrane, have also been found to support stress management in adults. Phospholipids are important parts of the cells in our bodies, and especially rich in the brain where they have a role in many important bodily processes. Milk phospholipids are easily absorbed by the body, provide a dietary source to supplement the natural phospholipids in our bodies, which decline as we age. Consumption of milk phospholipids has been associated with supporting mental performance by enabling one to stay focused and positive under stress.

India prepares for world’s largest vaccine campaign: With innovative IT solutions, a comprehensive cold chain and an expansive network of trained healthcare workers India is prepared for the COVID19 vaccine campaign across the country. The dry run was a great initiative in preparation for the COVID-19 vaccination campaign across India. It will be the world’s largest vaccination drive.

These are the steps for the COVID-19 vaccine

  • Wait for the security check to enter
  • Online verification and ID check
  • Vaccination
  • 30 minutes observation
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