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Should We Add Papad to our Diet or Not?


Should We Add Papad to our Diet or Not?

The most curious question every diet conscious people have. Papad is a traditional Indian food as a side dish not just limited to Gujarat and Rajasthan but states like Punjab, Maharashtra, and South Indian states too add papad in their daily meal.
If you think papad is unhealthy, than why our grandma served us and still serving us? Below you will get to know more about the papad.
Papad is thin, crispy like wafer predominantly made from flour/paste. This flour paste base varies from according to the regions and it’s specialty it could be rice flour, urad dal flour, potatoes, chickpea, raw jackfruit, sabudana etc. with added seasoning, spices and flavors. After making dough and rolling out the papad at preferred size and dimensions, and then they are sun dried to remove the moisture.

Should we add papad in our diet?

In today’s era we purchase papad from the commercial companies, the reality is when our grandma makes papad it was not so much unhealthy as commercial companies use prudent amounts of trans fat to add great crisp and taste. And the modern generation use microwave to roast papad just to save their few minutes. Here, the radiations and prudent amounts of trans fat makes papad unhealthy like a processed papad.


But we save you here: How?

Instead buying papad from commercial opt for Gruh-Udhyog, Small scale industries or women who make at home, as they neither add expensive preservatives to increase its life and high tech to make them. Deep fry it in fresh oil or roast. Just remind yourself “Moderation is good”. Consume it in moderation with your meal and tea-coffee. Everything excessive is harm.

Why Us being a Company and still a good option?

Our papad is made by rural Indian Women in a Gruh Udhgoy Hygienic Facility owned by Retired Indian Military Veterans.

How Your purchase will help rural women?

As we had explained that, the papad makers are the rural women. As the company is owned by a woman, she is always passionate towards helping rural women in every possible ways she can. So, she decided that rural women will make papad. Your purchase will directly or indirectly will raise their standard of living, will make their children have a good and higher studies, will make themselves as a highly skilled women. The rural women will became “Aatmanirbhar”. Local-Vocal will help the rural women for their lifestyle. Let’s support them.


Purchase Papad from Gruh Udhyog, rural women making papad, small scale as they don’t add expensive preservatives and makes small and fresh batches. Our Papad is made rural Indian Women in a Gruh Udhgoy Hygienic Facility owned by Retired Indian Military Veterans.


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