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India Organic A2 cow milk farm - Article in Times of India.

India Organic A2 cow milk farm - Article in Times of India.

At a time when protection of cows is making the headlines for for the violent acts of some self-proclaimed gau rakshaks,a non-resident Gujarati from Texas — a Muslim woman — is demonstrating how real concern for the wellbeing of cows is central to dairy revolution. Although Marjiya Musa, 49, was settled comfortably in the US, a desire was growing in her to contribute to her native village of Kanodar in Banaskantha....

After some reflection, it became clear to her that a dairy would be the best business idea for her village. She set up a five-acre farm in Kanodar in November 2016 with 22 cows. The initial investment was Rs 2.50 crore. Now, she has 120 Holstein Friesian cows; the cattle breed has Dutch origins.


“In Texas, I worked in the home-flipping industry. The business is to renovate old home and sell them,” Musa said. “But I constantly yearned to serve my vatan (country).” Musa has two children who live in the US.

“Initially, I set up an automated farm in my village and deployed three women to distribute milk and milk products and to look after the cows,” Musa said. “Operations began just after demonetization and there were many struggles to contend with.”

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