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Mukhia Sweet Nawabi Paan with Supari

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Mukhia Sweet Nawabi Paan with Supari

Mukhia Nawabi Sweet Indian Paan Mukhwas Calcutta Meetha Dried Paan Hygienic Herbal After-Meal Mouth Freshner - 24 Pcs (425 GMS) with SUPARI, In single pc serving pack for party.

मुखिया नवाबी भारतीय मीठा पान मुखवस,कलकत्ता मीठा सूखे पान

Relish your cravings for an authentic taste and mouthwatering aroma!

What is an Indian event without paan? Pan is the shaan of our culture and the highlight of any meal.Let your taste buds experience and enjoy that luscious, delicious, and refreshing treat of this traditional mouth freshener. It acts as an appetizer that can also help you with various health problems. This Nawabi Paan by Mukhia is prepared by using the most healthful and flavorsome ingredients that bring a blast of flavor and refreshment with every bite. The nawabi paan includes supari that allows you to enjoy that authentic taste of paan.Its blend in our Indian culture.

Mukhia Nawabi Paan is Party Special herbal mouth freshener – Indian Mitha Dried Paan 100% Hygienic & Herbal.

Special Feature: No preservatives, No Artificial Flavors, No-Tobacco, No-Split. Boost your mouth hygiene & freshness.

Health Benefits

We think paan is for digestion and mouth freshener but it has a lot of health benefits from the betel leaf paan is made out of.

  • Most importantly betel leaf is analgesic and offers relief from pain.
  • It comes to digestion, it eases constipation, improves digestion, and reduces gastric pain.
  • Betel leaf also has a lot antioxidants that helps increase hunger, promote oral health, treats respiratory problems, and relieves cough due to mint.

Ingredients: Fennel seeds, Coriander seeds, Roohafza, Dried Dates (Kharek), Candied Rose, Culcuti Paan, Rose Petals (Gulkand), Kanpuri Katha (Catechu), Liquorice Root (Jethimadh), Betel nut (Supari), Poppy Seed (Khas Khas) No Artificial Flavors.

Storage Instructions:  Store in a cool, dry and airtight container for the best taste and shelf life.

Shelf Life: 180 Days

Package Includes: Our paan is specially packed. One plastic box contains small size 24 plastic packs. It’s very convenient for one person serving and can be easily eaten without getting your hands dirty.

Serve with Indian style for your special event like wedding, baby shower, bridal shower, birthday, dinner party, get to gathering, office and business events. After daily meal

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