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Mukhi Dairy Farm

Mukhia Cowdung Cake Natural Gobar Upla

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  • 100% Pure Cowdung Cake From Organic Certified Farm For Individual Livestock & Crop Operations
  • No Smoke! No Burning Of Eyes! Relies More on CO2 Than Methane While Burning
  • No Odour! Great Positive Aura & Energies. It Saves Us from ill-Effects & Negative Energy.
  • Used in Havans, in combination with pure cow ghee (clarified butter) which is offered as part of rituals, is said to strengthen the ozone layer which shields the earth from harmful radiation. Also used in Agnihotra puja.
  • Enriched with Gau-Mutra and Beneficial Bacteria, Made from Desi Cows' Dung Composted Naturally
  • Natural Bio Fertilizer, Organic and Eco friendly, For Purest HOMA, YAGANA, HAVAN, PUJA & DHOOP.