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Mukhi Dairy Farm

Mukhia Roasted Til Mango Gotli

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Fresh Ingredients:

Our Mukhia Mukhwas is an Indian mouth freshener and after-meal digestive. Our recipes are just amazing as they taste good and are very healthy. Mukhwas is infused with the goodness of handpicked selectively graded quality seeds and the best quality ingredients to simulate the digestive enzymes and acts as an appetizer.


  • Exotic Mouth Freshener
    • Mukhia mouth fresheners are exotic in taste, the flavor of rock salt, alsi, coriander seeds, gulkand, eaichi, jasifal and other healthy spices will tickle the taste buds.
  • High In Fiber & Protein
    • Mukhia Mukhwas is indulged with fiber and protein that keeps you satisfy all day long by curbing hunger and cravings.
  • All Natural
    • The Mukhia Mukhwas is made with all-natural ingredients, it has no additional chemicals, no trans-fat, no artificial flavor. The true taste of the mouth freshener to complete your meals.


  • Helps in Digestion
  • Manages Weight
  • Fresh Breathe