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Mukhi Dairy Farm

Mukhia Black Pepper (Kali Mari) Papad - 200 Gms

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Wholesome Ingredients:

Mukhia Papad is handmade thin, crisp, disc-shaped food that is staple to any Indian dish. Our papad is made from seasoned dough of urad moger flour and mung moger flour, and usually cooked with dry heat by flipping it over an open flame, frying, or in a microwave.

Every Indian meal is incomplete without papads. Savor the tangy taste whether you eat papad before your meal or during the meal. Our papad is authentically Gujarati. It is suitable for those who use low-mild spicy as it has a lower quantity of black peppercorns.


  • Hygienically Handmade
  • Medium Spicy
  • Mukhia Papad is Offered in 200g Airtight Package
  • 9-Inch Diameter
  • No Taste Enhancers are Added to Our Product
  • Delivered in a Pizza-Style box to Ensure No Damage to the Papad
  • Shelf-Life of 4 Months


  • Digestive Aid
  • Manages Immune System
  • Helps Cleanse Blood
  • Rich Source of Fiber
  • Flushes Out Toxins & Helps in Detoxification