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Mukhia Diwali Combo Pack Cow Desi Ghee with Mukhia Natural Honey, Roasted Alsi Mouth Freshner, Organic Haldi 800gm & Free Honey Stick (Diwali Healthy Combo)

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Mukhia Diwali Gift Hamper is a healthy and attractive way of celebrating special occasions with your loved ones

It contains Amrutam Ghee (500ml), Mukhia Raw Honey (500 gm), Mukhia Roasted Alsi (250gm), Mukhia Organic Haldi (800 gm) Gift Hamper For Diwali.

The gift will arrive well packaged in lovely Packaging.

High-Quality Premium Gift Pack. Perfect Gift to make every moment truly special. We deliver the best Gift Hampers..!

Our hamper Acts as a natural immunity booster and energy booster, very effective against cough and cold. Treat yourself with this mouthwatering delight while gaining the health benefits as well.