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How are Organic Cows Different from Normal Cows?

Mukhi Dairy Farm is an Organic & ISO Certified Brucellosis Free Farm. Mukhia Organic Shudh Cow Desi Ghee, prepared by untouched cow milk with the Indian traditional Bilona butter churned method. Our cows get balanced nutritious cattle feed, (Mukhia ALL-IN-ONE cattle feed Manufacture by own inhouse plant at the farm).

Our cows are given balanced feed, which is required for an additional organic nutritional supplement that is imported by Mukhi Dairy Farm. More information on our balanced feed can be found here:

Our cows graze on the grass under the sun. Healthy food helps cows produce shudh milk. Their full nutritious milk is converted into yogurt and then ghee through butter. We take care of our cows 24*7 with technologies that detect their health and a veterinary doctor to treat them. Cows drink filtered water and are pampered like queens. They are timely groomed and rest under a 30ºC temperature control shade. Cows bathe underwater and get massage therapy before milking. The first milk is fed to the calf and the rest used following Krishna dhoon processes, which is called Gau Seva.

APEDA being the secretariat of the National Program for Organic Production looks after the certification of organic agriculture products covering the categories of crop production, Livestock, Aquaculture, Food Processing, and Animal Feed processing.

Organic livestock production in general is a land-based activity and is an integral part of an organic farm unit and management of livestock is inconsistent with the principles of organic farming and is based on:

  • Natural breeding
  • Protection of animal health and welfare
  • Fed with organic feed and fodder
  • Access to grazing in organic fields
  • Freedom to express natural behavior
  • Reduction of stress and
  • Prohibition of use of chemically synthesized allopathic veterinary drugs, antibiotics, hormones, growth boosters, feed additives etc.

Non-Organic cows do not follow any of the rules as per the above APEDA guideline.

Mukhi Dairy Farm passes through this credential process throughout the 5 years of having our farm.

Mukhi Dairy Farm has signed a pledge with International Animal Welfare. Our organic cows are raised in humane conditions and eat healthy diets so that your spoonful ghee can be served without antibiotics, synthetic growth hormones or controversial pesticides. We believe that Healthy Happy Cows give healthy milk and ghee. Hence, Mukhia organic cows are pampered to yield the most nutritious ghee! In products made from organic cows, you can get the nutritional benefits without exposing your family to chemical contaminants.

For more detailed information about Mukhi Dairy Farm, please visit our farm website at, our Facebook page, or follow us on Instagram. We give a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee & also invite our customers to enjoy viewing our milking process every evening.

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